Aug. 28, 2021
Which brand of cooling fan is good

1、 Yuanshan

Y. S. tech is the abbreviation and marketing brand of thermal technology management division of Yuanshan Technology Industry Co., Ltd. The thermal technology management division is a manufacturer that has passed the international quality certification of ISO-9001 and QS-9000 (certified in April 2002). Founded in 1987, Yuanshan Technology Industry Co., Ltd. is committed to the field of global home appliance market. In 1997, Yuanshan technology established the thermal technology management division and led Yuanshan technology into the field of information industry. In recent years, y.s. Tech's heat dissipation products with its professional design, such as DC brushless heat dissipation fan, DC drum fan and other special heat dissipation devices for customers. In only a few years, y.s. Tech's heat dissipation products have been deeply and famous in the world's information, communication, automobile and general industrial markets.
2、 Nippon power Nidec
Nidec talent top has accepted the entrustment of Nidec to start the production of cooling fans. For 18 years, it has been relying on world-class fan motor technology and production process to provide customers with more reliable cooling guarantee( Nidec is the world's top manufacturer and supplier of small brushless motors, with factories and branches all over the world. At the same time, its mechanical and electrical products such as special bearings are also the world's leading. As one of the core components of fan, small brushless motor has more than 30 years of experience in this field. The original Nidec fan equipped with Nidec original brushless motor is undoubtedly one of the world's top products in terms of quality
3、 Delta Delta
Delta (Delta Electronics), founded in Taiwan in 1971, is the world's leading switching power supply manufacturer. It has many factories and business bases in various countries and regions around the world. It is one of the most influential Chinese enterprises in the world. Delta has nearly 20 years of experience in fan production, and its products cover almost all applications. Delta fan is the only brand fan equipped with a large number of advanced equipment and even key facilities of famous factories such as IBM, HP, Intel, Emerson and Siemens, with solid and reliable quality.
4、 Qihong AVC
Taiwan Qihong, as the world's largest radiator manufacturer, has won the recognition of international manufacturers and consumers with advanced design concept, excellent manufacturing technology and strict quality control. As Intel and AMD, the two CPU giants, the radiators equipped on the original package CPU are basically monopolized by Qihong. It can be seen that their quality has also been recognized by the world. Related knowledge: Fan number analysis and fan bearing identification: green label: oil sealed bearing s = sleeve (oil seal) blue label: single ball bearing t = 1 ball 1 sleeve (single ball + oil seal) yellow label: double ball bearing B = 2 ball bearings (double ball) Purple Label: hydraulic bearing or magnetic bearing r = hydraulic
5、 Xiexi ADDA
ADDA, a high-quality fan from Taiwan, is the professional sales and service company of Intel's chief supplier brand ADDA cooling fan in the mainland, making its reliability, durability, service life and other indicators far exceed the oil bead bearing, so as to become a dazzling pearl of the world's cooling fan system! ADDA brand fan has always been in a leading position in the world in the field of electronic heat dissipation technology. In the past 22 years, it has developed a series of heat dissipation products. At present, in addition to establishing R & D centers and manufacturing plants in Asia and America, in order to further serve global customers, it will expand production and establish more R & D centers all over the world. In the new century, with the progress of China's entry into WTO, we will provide you with better products and more comprehensive and thoughtful product services. All employees of lianyuxing company are looking forward to your cooperation and common development. Customers of the products include world-famous manufacturers such as HP, Aiwa, Simens, Compaq, Acer, Sony and IBM. Well known manufacturers in Taiwan include Datong, ASUS, Shenda and Guangbao. Customers in mainland China include Lenovo, founder, TCL and ZTE. The world market share reached 12% in 2002. International certification and awards: Germany (TUV, VDE), the United States (UL), Canada (cul, CSA), European Community (CE), Taiwan boutique award, Taiwan rock award and Taiwan research and Invention Award. It is one of the designated suppliers of Intel and has been recognized by AMD.
6、 Crimson superred
The famous superred brand (Qianhong) is one of the top PC cooling fan brands in the eyes of DIY enthusiasts. It has the advantages of large air volume, low noise and long service life.
7、 Meibeiya bainmb
Japan's duminebea group has 40 production bases and about 70 sales bases in 17 countries around the world. Its main products include various ball bearings and various small micro motors (fans, stepping motors), FDD parts, PC keyboard and other electronic machine parts, which are provided to the most cutting-edge enterprises all over the world. NMB fan has the characteristics of excellent quality, long service life and high reliability. It is an excellent product recognized in the world. NMB company started with the production of micro bearings. At present, it occupies 65% of the world market in terms of micro bearings. Due to the guarantee of micro bearing, NMB axial fan has really achieved long service life, and its continuous working time is guaranteed to be more than 50000 hours. This working life refers to the working time without deviating from its normal working range, rather than the damage of the general concept. For example, If the working current change of NMB fan exceeds 15% of the original design value or the noise change is greater than 5dba of the original design value, we think it has been damaged, etc. This is completely different from the life time of other brands of fans. In fact, many well-known foreign enterprises such as IBM, Compaq, Epson, Dell, HP and Ricoh used NMB fan in their original design. In China, famous enterprises including Huawei Technology, ZTE, ut Starcom, Emerson, Julong communication, Foxconn, Xi'an Datang Telecom, Chengdu top, Hutchison optai, Guangzhou Hitachi Elevator, Dongfang communication, Beijing Yineng, kestar, Beijing ABB transmission, NCR and Haier Group widely use NMB fans in communication, power supply and household appliances. NMB introduction: n: Nipon (Japan) M: miniaturization B: ball bearing

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