Aug. 28, 2021
The relationship between industrial fans and global warming
In recent years, the greenhouse effect has become more and more serious, leading to global warming and increasingly serious ecological environment. Research shows that climate warming is partly due to the excessive use of air conditioning, especially the opening of air conditioning in large places all year round, which leads to the increasingly serious greenhouse effect.
At this time, the use of large industrial fans in large places is a better solution at present.

The application of industrial fans can be said to solve the development trend of cooling in summer in tall factories, warehouses, waiting rooms, swimming pools and other places, without carbon dioxide emission, and has made a contribution to the earth.

So, how should the factory choose the appropriate industrial fan?
In my view, as like as two peas, the choice of industrial fans is the first thing to do is to focus on manufacturers. Good manufacturers can make double guarantees in terms of cost and safety.
At present, the industrial large fan industry is not a popular industry in China, but there are many enterprises engaged in the manufacturing and processing of industrial large fans, which makes it difficult for enterprises to choose.
At present, the manufacturing and processing of large industrial fans is still dominated by traditional processes, but according to Xiaobian, some industrial fan manufacturers have begun to make changes, and continue to improve the configuration of industrial fans to realize intelligent operation, which is more safe and reliable.
For example, the following King industrial fan configuration is very ideal.
1. Brand of reduction motor: Nord
Nord motor imported from Germany, NEMA standard IE2 new generation of energy-saving and efficient motor, no vibration, silent, efficient and maintenance free; Simrit double oil seal (output shaft) from Freudenberg, Germany; Special SKF imported VL reinforced bearing
2. Frequency conversion control: Schneider Electric suit
Top inverter configuration in the industry, Schneider Electric package:
① The safety protection module automatically cuts off the output in case of accident;
② Adapt to harsh environment, effectively shield electromagnetic interference, power grid fluctuation and high temperature, and the protection grade is IP55; ③ It has passed the authoritative EMC certification, CCC certification and anti leakage test of SGS company in Switzerland; ④ UL, EMC, LVD, ROHS certification.
3. Core technology: mortise and tenon structure connection is safe and reliable. When the non rigid connection equipment is running, the blade can float up 3 °, with larger coverage area, no cavity in the center, better comfort. 5. The blade has better dynamic balance, no vibration, no resonance, more stable and silent operation, safer and more energy-saving
4. Buffer device, inner cone, anti falling ring and other connection protection
5. Core technology: variable cross-section streamlined aviation airfoil anti-collision blade has higher wind efficiency and produces 30% more air volume than 5-10 blades in the same industry
Therefore, choosing a good industrial fan is not only conducive to the development of the factory, but also reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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