The German company SST (Sea-Sun-Tech) is a technology provider for the field of environmental science. The company is dedicated to the development of technologies and equipment for marine, analytical and energy applications. After 20 years of experience, SST is able to produce reliable, high technology products that work well in the environment. all SST products are produced entirely directly by SST and are thoroughly tested in SST's own testing laboratory. The processing and classification of data is quite important and SST's software can be applied to existing multi-parameter probes, GPS and data sources. In marine technology, SST developed and produced a variety of probes and sensors can accurately measure a variety of different environmental parameters, their quality has been renowned. sst now produces a variety of different sizes of multi-parameter water quality testing probes, mainly including six multi-parameter water quality detector CTD48, CDT48M, CTD60, CTD60M, CTD90, CTD90M and three models In terms of analytical technology equipment, SST has developed and produced a variety of devices for measuring and monitoring wastewater that have played a major role in industrial and local wastewater monitoring.
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