Shenke is involved in many industrial fields, including: modular coal processing plants, various types of vibration, screening feeding equipment, centrifugal dewatering equipment, train/truck accurate weighing and rapid loading systems, various weighing equipment, automatic batching systems, belt weighing, etc.; and can provide domestic customers with advanced technology, reliable performance of screening crushers, heavy medium cyclone, classification cyclone, flocculant automatic adding system, automatic filter press, magnetic separator, etc. Automatic filter presses, magnetic separators and other coal processing equipment. Due to the many technical advantages, Schenker's weighing equipment has won a wide range of customers in various industries, especially in the following fields:
-Coal processing industry
-Iron and steel metallurgy: including coking, sintering, iron making, direct reduction iron, steel making, continuous casting and rolling, etc.
-Non-ferrous metallurgy: including alumina/electrolytic aluminum (anode/carbon) and copper, lead, zinc, etc.
-Mining, railroad, port
Power plants: coal feeding systems for thermal power generation, high-frequency power supply and control systems for electric dust collectors
-Cement, glass and other building materials industry
-Chemical (general chemical and petrochemical), plastic, food, pharmaceutical and other light industries
-Grain storage, environmental protection, feed industry
-Transport and logistics industry

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