R4D560-AW03-05 Special fan for electric drive high voltage frequency conversion cabinet

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About our products:

Model:R4D560-AW03-05 Size:Φ500mm
Voltage: 230/400V Current / power:2410W
Air volume: 380m³/h Air pressure:None
Speed: 1375RPM        Noise:77/dBA
Life: 50000h  Weight:21.5KG
Bearing structure: Ball bearing  Wiring mode: Lead type
Temperature range:-60℃-60℃      Frame leaf:High grade metal

About our series:

Original R4D560-AW03-05 ebmpapst inverter fan
R4d560-aw03-05 fan is a frequency converter fan. The large fan at the bottom of the frequency converter is used to heat the IGBT and other high-power components of the frequency converter, and the small fan is used to heat the CPU board, drive board, power board and other electronic parts. Once the fan has problems, it will cause faults to the frequency converter, so it is very important to choose an original fan.
R4D560-AW03-05 is the original fan of frequency converter fan. This fan is ebmpapst centrifugal fan with compact structure, long service life and energy saving. Our company has obvious price advantage, so that you can get the purchase price while purchasing the original fan. EBM papst centrifugal fan with backward curved blades is mainly used for intake and suction. Since most of the pressure build-up occurs in the impeller, a scroll housing is usually not required. Centrifugal fan has very good hydraulic efficiency and low noise level, which is very suitable for high pressure. Centrifugal fans are used in applications such as air conditioning units or building ventilation systems.
R4D560-AW03-05 fan reduces the maintenance cost of the frequency converter and increases the reliability of the frequency converter, which makes it more energy-saving and improve the efficiency in the process of use. Inverter fans are widely used in automobile manufacturing, battery production, chemical industry, cement plant, crane, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, mining, oil and gas exploitation, panel and cabinet, logistics and airport, water industry and pharmaceutical industry. EBM fans are inseparable from ventilation and heat dissipation. R4D560-AW03-05 provides ventilation and heat dissipation for the frequency converter.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.