Hong Kong yidefan electromechanical Co., Ltd., established in Hong Kong, China in 2021, is a company focusing on automatic machinery manufacturing,
Since the establishment of the company, edefan Electromechanical is committed to creating the best quality electromechanical equipment for customers, playing a supporting role in the field of automation, adhering to the core values of "diligence, pragmatism, learning and persistence", ranging from careful allocation of cooling fans to great efforts in the field of aviation. At present, the company operates more than 1000 kinds of products, realizing the transformation from small equipment to large equipment. Since its establishment, the company has received 102 kinds of industrial needs and has been rated as "China's excellent supplier" by major industrial enterprises. Won the "Hong Kong machinery export quality Honor Award." Various quality honors and qualifications
The business scope of yidefan electromechanical includes general items: Sales of power electronic components; Auto parts retail; Sales of class I medical devices; Sales of special equipment for semiconductor devices; Sales of mechanical equipment; Sales of building materials; New materials; Sales of electrical equipment; Sales of intelligent power transmission and distribution and control equipment; Sales of communication equipment; Distribution switch control equipment sales; Sales of electronic components and electromechanical components and equipment; Sales of mechanical and electrical equipment; Sales of refrigeration and new energy prime mover equipment; Sales of gas and liquid separation and purification equipment; Research and development of household appliances; Sales of electric heating food processing equipment; (except for the items that must be approved according to law, carry out business activities independently according to law with the business license)
Facing the future: yidefan electromechanical Co., Ltd. will always shoulder the industrial mission and inherit the strength of science and technology. On the road of industrialization, build a tough bridge to solve problems for major enterprises




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