Aug. 28, 2021
Help to build a cooling system suitable for cars three giant cooling fans in Taiwan

Help to build a cooling system suitable for cars three giant cooling fans in Taiwan

For those familiar with cars, the cooling fan is no longer a strange component. Compared with various automotive electronic products such as fuel consumption display, interior temperature and humidity control, GPS navigator, air purifier, LED lamp and CD / DVD player, the cooling fan of cars is particularly important, Because poor heat dissipation design will seriously endanger the reliability and durability of these electronic products. Under the exposure of high temperature weather, it may also lead to vehicle failure and affect its service life.

Specifically, a large amount of heat will be generated during the driving of the car. If the car cooling fan is not used to cool it in time, the engine is likely to fail due to high temperature and even directly lead to the scrapping of the engine. Of course, the cooling fan blades do not work all the time. Taiwan's three giant motors, a professional R & D and manufacturer of cooling fans, said that only when the temperature of the car engine rises to a certain value, the temperature sensor sends an alarm, and the fan will start blowing and cooling.

"Automobile cooling fan"

Because most people do not have a professional and comprehensive understanding of the application of automobile cooling fans, many people will think that the cooling fans are similar and can be used. In fact, this is not the case. There are a wide range of cooling fan products on the market, but there are still some advantages and disadvantages in terms of performance and appearance.
Taking Taiwan's three giant motors as an example, compared with most cooling fan manufacturers in the market, Taiwan's three giant motors pay more attention to innovative independent research and development and advocate the production of more energy-saving and environmental friendly cooling fans. Starting from the details of the product, the ball bearing in the cooling fan of three giant motors can greatly reduce the friction. The application of three giant's exclusive vortex generator and vacuum effect technology can not only effectively reduce the noise caused by the operation of the fan, but also improve the internal heat dissipation performance. It has the characteristics of long service life, high flow rate and low wind pressure, It is more helpful to build a cooling system suitable for cars.

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