Aug. 28, 2021
Ebmpapst produced in Germany

Ebmpapst was established in Germany in 1963. Ebmpapst ebmpast is developed from EBM, papst and MVL. Today, ibian pat inherits the excellent historical tradition and becomes an expert in ventilation solutions and customized products all over the world. Ebmpapst is one of the technical leaders in the field of motor and fan industry. Ebmpapst has 55 branches all over the world to provide customers with professional fan and motor solutions and services. Ebmpapst develops fans, motors and control solutions for refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, electronics, communication, medical treatment, rail transit and automobile industries through local production and R & D centers.

Introduction to ebmpapst fan
-Provide cooling effect according to customer requirements and have low noise
-The cooling mode of programmed control can be realized through speed setting
-It can monitor the operation status of all fans in the whole process, and can talk with the fans through the device equipped with logic unit
-Under harsh conditions and temperatures, it meets extremely high electromagnetic compatibility standards and operation standards
Performance list of ebmpapst fan:
-Compact design can save installation space
-The hub bracket makes installation very easy
-The specially designed oil bearing system can achieve low noise
-Ball bearing design can adapt to harsh working environment
-A variety of AC and DC designs can provide a variety of voltage and speed options
-Overload protection and locked rotor protection
-The once through fan has an excellent rate, which can reduce the thermal fatigue of the bearing and increase the service life
-The DC fan with built-in sensor can realize speed control or signal alarm when the fan is running
-The motor speed can be controlled by pulse width modulation (PWM) or voltage regulation of external circuit
-VARIOFAN: through the built-in or external temperature sensor, the speed of the fan can change completely with the change of temperature
-Turbofan: EC fan with built-in open-loop speed control
-Fans with protection grade of IP54 can be provided
-Various fan accessories

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