• March 08, 2022
    1、 System overview: The tightening shaft is composed of a servo motor providing power source, a reducer providing output torque and a sensor for detecting torque. In addition, an external controller is required to control and display. The principle is to use the servo motor as the power unit, connect the reduction mechanism, increase the output torque, and connect the torque sensor to detect the t...
  • December 01, 2021
    The design engineer of all motors and electronic products that need to use fans for heat dissipation must determine the air volume required for heat dissipation of a specific system, and the required air volume depends on understanding the power consumption of the system and whether it can take enough heat away, so as to prevent the system from overheating. Facts show that the service life of the ...
  • Ebmpapst fan
    October 12, 2021
    Ebmpapst was established in Germany in 1963. Ebmpapst ebmpast is developed from EBM, papst and MVL. Today, ibian pat inherits the excellent historical tradition and becomes an expert in ventilation solutions and customized products all over the world. Ebmpapst is one of the technical leaders in the field of motor and fan industry. Ebmpapst has 55 branches all over the world to provide customers wi...
  • July 02, 2020
    Our company: Hong Kong yidefan electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong company specializing in selling various brands. We have a professional sales team and we have a huge inventory. As long as you have the heat dissipation trouble of industrial products, please contact us in time, and we will provide you with perfect solutions. Our products: The brands we sell include ADDA made in Taiwan, EBM ...
  • Ziehl Abegg Centrifugal fan
    October 12, 2021
    Ziehl Abegg Ziehl Abegg was founded in 1910 and made a historic leap in the 1950s due to the development of external rotor motors suitable for fans. Thus, the product quality is continuously optimized and applied to many new fields Ziehl Abegg Xerox 100 fan stock model: Centrifugal fan rg35s-4dk.6n.al/2942.0cfm Centrifugal fan rg35s-4dk.6n.al/2500.0cfm Centrifugal fan rg35s-4ek.6k.2l Centrifugal f...
  • November 27, 2021
    Sunon comprehensive solutions Sunon's comprehensive solutions help customers quickly integrate, reduce development costs, improve profitability Accelerate the speed of product prototype development and produce economic solutions. Sunon has rich experience in cooperating with various systems of customers and the ability to solve heat dissipation problems. Sunon uses advanced equipment and technolog...
  • November 27, 2021
    How to measure the noise value The noise of the Sunon fan is measured in a non reverberating room with a background noise of less than 15 DBA. The fan to be tested operates in free air, and a noise meter is disposed one meter away from the air inlet. The noise value of the fan is usually drawn in the octave band of sound pressure level (SPL), and the effect is formed by the change of decibel (DBA)...

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