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Hong Kong yidefan electromechanical Co., Ltd., established in Hong Kong, China in 2021, is a company focusing on automatic machinery manufacturing, Since the establishment of the company, edefan Electromechanical is committed to creating the best quality electromechanical equipment for customers, playing a supporting role in the field of automation, adhering to the core values of "diligence, pragmatism, learning and persistence", ranging from careful allocation of cooling fans to great efforts in the field of aviation. At present, the company operates more than 1000 kinds of products, realizing the transformation from small equipment to large equipment. Since its establishment, the company has received 102 kinds of industrial needs and has been rated as "China's excellent supplier" by major industrial enterprises. Won the "Hong Kong machinery export quality Honor Award." Various quality honors and qualifications The business scope of yidefan electromechanical includes general items: Sales of power electronic components; Auto parts retail; Sales of class I medical devices; Sales of special equipment for semiconductor devices; Sales of mechanical equipment; Sales of building materials; New materials; Sales of electrical equipment; Sales of intelligent power transmission and distribution and control equipment; Sales of communication equipment; Distribution switch control equipment sales; Sales of electronic components and electromechanical components and equipment; Sales of mechanical and electrical equipment; Sales of refrigeration and new energy prime mover equipment; Sales of gas and liquid separation and purification equipment; Research and development of household appliances; Sales of electric heating food processing equipment; (except for the items that must be approved according to law, carry out business activities independently according to law with the business license) Facing the future: yidefan electromechanical Co., Ltd. will always shoulder the industrial mission and inherit the strength of science and technology. On the road of industrialization, build a tough bridge to solve problems for major enterprises
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What specific elements are included in the major and minor repair projects of DCS system?
Dec. 09, 2022
What specific elements are included in the major and minor repair projects of DCS system?
With the common application of DCS in large thermal power plants, how to determine the content of DCS overhaul, overhaul cycle and maintenance projects to ensure the safe operation of DCS in thermal power plant application conditions, is the key to improve its reliability. In practice, full use should be made of the computer system self-diagnostic function, early detection of abnormalities, to prevent module failure; overhaul should also have a reasonable overhaul process and procedures, taking into account the DCS itself overhaul and attention to the control system external equipment overhaul, and to list the overhaul considerations according to the characteristics of the DCS system, to do a certain amount of protective measures to avoid damage to the DCS device modules in the overhaul. DCS major and minor repair projects According to the characteristics of computer control equipment, DCS, in addition to peripheral equipment maintenance like conventional control equipment, at least the following items should be overhauled with the major and minor repair of the unit, i.e., module configuration copy, verification of control module markings and addresses; cleaning power supply, modules and dust filters, inspection and tightening of control cabinet wiring, grounding system inspection, cooling fan overhaul, power supply equipment overhaul test; important measurement and protection Signal line insulation check; electronic room temperature, humidity and dust content test before overhaul, review after overhaul; module power supply and redundant module switching test; alarm and protection function test; communication, manual operation station check; carry out card for calibration, etc.; overhaul before making adequate preparations, overhaul to strictly implement the process card system, and carefully do the overhaul records, power supply, module and other tests to fill in carefully Test report. (1) Overhaul project The overhaul of DCS system is carried out with the overhaul of the main equipment of the unit, and the overhaul project includes the following contents. 1) Check the control equipment thoroughly and make records. 2) Copy the configuration of all modules and verify the module flags and addresses. 3) Clean the control cabinet power supply and modules, clean the dust filter of the panel cabinet. 4) Check and tighten the control cabinet wiring and fixing screws. 5) Check grounding system, power supply performance test, line insulation test. 6) Dustproof and seal the control cabinet and replace the cooling fan. 7) Overhaul the recorder, printer, alarm window, human-machine interface equipment, etc. 8) Eliminate defects that cannot be handled during operation, restore and improve various signs. 9) Hardware equipment function test, configuration software loading and inspection. 10) Measurement module calibration, on-site equipment overhaul. 11) Protection interlock test. 12) Inspection and replacement of cables, pipelines and their accessories. (2) M...
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  • December 08 2022
    How to improve the stability of the PLC system?
    Although PLC has a high reliability and has a strong anti-interference ability, but in too harsh environment or improper installation and use, etc., may cause damage to the internal information of the PLC and lead to control chaos, or even cause damage to internal components. In order to improve the reliability of PLC system operation, the following aspects should be noted when using. First, the suitable working environment 1. The appropriate ambient temperature The manufacturers of PLC have certain provisions of the ambient temperature. Usually PLC allows the ambient temperature of about 0 ~ 55 ° C. Therefore, do not install the heat-generating components below the PLC; PLC surrounded by sufficient space for ventilation and heat dissipation; do not install the PLC in direct sunlight or from the heating, heaters, high-power power supply and other heat-generating devices very close to the site; installation of PLC control cabinet is best to have ventilation shutters, if the control cabinet temperature If the temperature of the control cabinet is too high, a fan should be installed in the cabinet to force ventilation. 2. Suitable environmental humidity The relative humidity of the air in the PLC working environment is generally required to be less than 85% to ensure the insulation performance of the PLC. Too much humidity will also affect the accuracy of the analog input/output device. Therefore, the PLC can not be installed in the place of dew, rain. 3. Pay attention to environmental pollution PLC should not be installed in a large number of pollutants (such as dust, soot, iron powder, etc.), corrosive candle gases and combustible gases in the place, especially corrosive gases, easy to cause corrosion of components and printed circuit boards. If it can only be installed in such places, the PLC can be closed under the conditions allowed by the temperature; or the PLC is installed in the control room with high airtightness, and the air purification device is installed. Second, the main sources of interference in the PLC system and preventive measures Interference of power supply PLC system control of the normal power supply are powered by the power grid. Due to the wide coverage of the power grid, it will be subject to all space electromagnetic interference, space radiation electromagnetic field (EMI) is mainly generated by the power network, electrical equipment transient processes, lightning, radio broadcasting, television, radar, etc., usually called radiation interference, if the PLC system is placed in the radio frequency field, it will receive radiation interference, and the voltage induced on the line. In particular, changes within the power grid, knife switch operation surge, large power equipment start and stop, AC and DC transmission device caused by harmonics, short-circuit transient shock of the power grid, etc., are transmitted to the original side of the power supply through the transmission line. It may cause program errors or arithme...
    How to improve the stability of the PLC system?
  • December 07 2022
    Three common problems in PLC control system
    In the actual PLC debugging process, it sometimes occurs that a software system can fully meet the process requirements of mechanical equipment theoretically, but can not be put into normal operation in any case during the operation process. In addition to considering the method of software design, solutions can also be found from the following aspects during the system debugging process. 1 Scanning strike time and response time When designing a control system with a PC, one of the most important parameters is time. How long does it take for the PC to execute all the instructions in the program? (scanning time) How long does it take for an input signal to have an output signal (response time) to master these parameters after the PC has passed? It is undoubtedly very important for the design and debugging of the control system. When the PC starts running, it executes the program in memory serially. We can divide the scanning time into four parts. Common parts, such as clear time monitor and check program memory; Data input and output; Execute instructions; Executes peripheral commands. The time monitor is a timer used to measure the scanning time inside the PC. The so-called scanning time is the total time spent executing the above four parts. The scanning time depends on the purchase of the system, the number of I/O points, the instructions used in the program and the connection of peripheral devices. When the hardware design of a system is finalized, the scanning time mainly depends on the time required for the software instructions to receive an input signal from the PC and output a control signal to the output, which is called the response time. The response time is variable. For example, after the end of a scanning cycle, an input signal is received, When an input signal is received at the end of the next scanning cycle, the input signal will work as soon as the next scanning cycle starts. At this time, the response time of the input signal is the shortest, which is the sum of the input delay time, the scanning cycle time and the output delay time. If an input signal is received at the beginning of the scanning cycle, the input signal will not work during the scanning cycle, and can only work until the next scanning cycle, At this time, the response time of this input signal is the longest, which is the sum of input delay time and output delay time. Therefore, the minimum response time and maximum response time of a signal are calculated as follows: Minimum response time=input delay time+scanning time+output delay time, maximum response time=delay time+2 × Scan time+output delay time. It can be seen from the above response time estimation formula that the response time of the input signal is determined by the scanning cycle. On the one hand, the scanning cycle depends on the hardware configuration of the system, on the other hand, it is determined by the number of commands and instructions used in the control software. During the debugging pr...
    Three common problems in PLC control system
  • December 06 2022
    How to select PLC external safety circuit?
    The external safety circuit system of PLC is to ensure that the whole system can work reliably in a safe state, and to avoid serious economic losses and personal injuries caused by external power supply problems, PLC abnormalities, misoperation and misoutput. It is necessary to maintain the circuit of the device. 1. Protection against power overload. If the PLC power supply has a problem and the infixing time is less than 10 seconds, the PLC operation will not be affected. If the power infixing exceeds 10 seconds or the power drop exceeds the allowable value, the PLC will stop working and all output points will be disconnected at the same time; When the power is restored, if the RUN input is connected, the operation will stop automatically. Therefore, necessary current limiting maintenance circuit shall be set for some input equipment that are easy to overload. 2. Alarm and protection of serious problems. For places prone to serious accidents, in order to ensure the reliable alarm and protection of the control system in the event of serious accidents, the signals connected with serious problems shall be output through the external circuit to enable the control system to operate under safe conditions. 3. Emergency stop circuit. As for the risk load that can transport users to cause injury, in addition to the consideration in the control sequence, the external emergency stop circuit should also be designed so that when the PLC has a problem, the power supply of the load that causes injury can be reliably cut off. 4. Maintain the circuit. The control system of reversible operation such as forward and reverse operation shall be set with external electrical interlocking maintenance; External limit maintenance circuit shall be set for the control system of reciprocating operation and lifting movement. 5. The programmable controller has self checking functions such as monitoring timer, and all outputs are turned off when abnormal conditions are detected. However, when the CPU of the programmable controller is in trouble, it cannot control the output. Therefore, in order to ensure that the equipment operates in a safe state, external circuits should be designed to protect the risk load that can cause injury to users.
    How to select PLC external safety circuit?

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