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Hong Kong yidefan electromechanical Co., Ltd., established in Hong Kong, China in 2021, is a company focusing on automatic machinery manufacturing, Since the establishment of the company, edefan Electromechanical is committed to creating the best quality electromechanical equipment for customers, playing a supporting role in the field of automation, adhering to the core values of "diligence, pragmatism, learning and persistence", ranging from careful allocation of cooling fans to great efforts in the field of aviation. At present, the company operates more than 1000 kinds of products, realizing the transformation from small equipment to large equipment. Since its establishment, the company has received 102 kinds of industrial needs and has been rated as "China's excellent supplier" by major industrial enterprises. Won the "Hong Kong machinery export quality Honor Award." Various quality honors and qualifications The business scope of yidefan electromechanical includes general items: Sales of power electronic components; Auto parts retail; Sales of class I medical devices; Sales of special equipment for semiconductor devices; Sales of mechanical equipment; Sales of building materials; New materials; Sales of electrical equipment; Sales of intelligent power transmission and distribution and control equipment; Sales of communication equipment; Distribution switch control equipment sales; Sales of electronic components and electromechanical components and equipment; Sales of mechanical and electrical equipment; Sales of refrigeration and new energy prime mover equipment; Sales of gas and liquid separation and purification equipment; Research and development of household appliances; Sales of electric heating food processing equipment; (except for the items that must be approved according to law, carry out business activities independently according to law with the business license) Facing the future: yidefan electromechanical Co., Ltd. will always shoulder the industrial mission and inherit the strength of science and technology. On the road of industrialization, build a tough bridge to solve problems for major enterprises
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Hong Kong Yidefan distributes various propaganda electrical and mechanical companies, welcome to consult at any time, and provide you with satisfactory solutions and preferential prices. Tel:+86-13806028623 whatsapp:+86-13806028623 wechat:+86-13806028623
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ABB Industrial Robotics
Jul. 19, 2023
ABB Industrial Robotics
ABB is a leading global supplier of industrial robot technology, providing complete application solutions including robot bodies, software, and peripheral devices. Modular manufacturing units and services. ABB Robotics operates in 53 countries and over 100 regions worldwide, with a cumulative installed capacity of over 300000 units worldwide, covering a wide range of industries and application fields. We are committed to helping customers improve production efficiency, product quality, and safety levels. Our company specializes in various ABB products. We welcome your inquiries
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  • May 15 2023
    CPU unit in ABB AC500 series PLC - PM571-ETH
    Product Introduction: CPU unit, 24VDC power supply, 64KB program memory, COM1 port RS232/RS485 programmable, with programming function/CS31 master station function/Modbus master/slave station communication function/ASCII function; COM2 port RS232/RS485 can be set, with programming function/Modbus master/slave communication function/ASCII function, integrated Ethernet communication function, and support for various field bus communication expansion function modules. Centralized expansion can carry up to 7 local expansion modules, with a maximum of 224 points for DI/DO (centralized configuration) and 112 points for AI/AO (centralized configuration); The maximum number of distributed input/output points depends on the usage of the bus Product classification: Medium sized PLC CPU module Brand: ABB Product Introduction: The low-grade CPU unit in AC500 series PLC adopts 24VDC power supply, 64KB program memory and two COM ports on the module backplane. Among them, COM1 port is a terminal type, and the communication protocol RS232/RS485 can be set. It can be extended to have CS31 master station function, Modbus master/slave station communication function, or ASCII function; The COM2 port is in the form of a nine pin serial port, with communication protocols RS232/RS485 that can be set. Other functions are the same as COM1 port, and the module integrates Ethernet communication functions internally, supporting multiple field bus communication expansion function modules. The latest version 1.2 of the CPU can expand 10 modules, and can achieve distributed or remote expansion through ABB's own CS31 bus or various public buses. It is an ideal module for networking and expansion of medium-sized control systems.
    CPU unit in ABB AC500 series PLC - PM571-ETH
  • May 04 2023
    Rexroth Micro PLC Controller
    Product Introduction: Rexroth has launched a micro logic controller L10 as a new member of its PLC system family, IndraLogic. This product is based on the extremely compact controller hardware IndraControl L10 and is suitable for centralized or distributed applications with lower performance requirements. Product classification: PLC motion control motion controller Medium PLC CPU module PLC motion control module Brand: Bosch Rexroth Product Introduction Rexroth has launched a micro logic controller L10 as a new member of its PLC system family, IndraLogic. This product is based on the extremely compact controller hardware IndraControl L10 and is suitable for centralized or distributed applications with lower performance requirements. The IndraLogic L10 is equipped with 1 MB program memory, 2 MB data memory, and 32 kB memory for redundant data, with a processing time of 150 microseconds (1000 instruction table instructions). Its capabilities are sufficient to meet the requirements of small and medium-sized PLC applications in factory automation. An Ethernet interface, 8-bit digital input, and 4-bit digital output board level integration onto the new controller hardware IndraControl L10. Given the concern for the compatibility of the entire IndraControl L control platform, this product adopts the Rexroth Inline I/O product series, which can continue to achieve convenient and flexible input and output expansion. Like large IndraLogic L systems, solidified software and application data can be recorded on interchangeable CF memory cards. By using IndraWorks software, seamless design of all Rexroth system solutions can be achieved.
    Rexroth Micro PLC Controller
  • April 25 2023
    ABB PLC Remote Programming Gateway
    Product Description: HiNet intelligent gateway is a remote communication module independently developed by Huachen Zhitong Technology for localized PLC operation, supporting almost all mainstream PLC Ethernet and modbus serial port access, this solution takes ABB AC500PLC as an example to introduce and explain AC500PLC remote programming and debugging. Product Category: PLC Brand: ABB Product Description  ABB PLC remote programming gateway system uses ABB PLC as the core of equipment control, and HINET intelligent gateway as the remote data collection terminal, through 3G, wifi and wired network and other communication methods to realize PLC equipment into the network, and realize the remote programming and control of the PLC equipment.  Relying on the remote monitoring terminal Control Builder, Configuration King and other programming or upper computer software to achieve the remote PLC remote programming, online monitoring, online simulation, remote data acquisition, remote control of equipment and other basic functions.  In this system, in order to ensure the security of the data and the stability of the server, a VPN over P2P dedicated security channel is used, which not only ensures that PLC data is transmitted in isolation from ordinary Internet data, but also ensures that PLC data is transmitted directly to the monitoring room without going through the cloud server, which not only reduces the load on the cloud server, but also further ensures the security of PLC data. This reduces the load on the cloud server and further ensures the security of the PLC data. I. Communication methods: ABB plc remote programming gateway system has three communication methods: Ethernet, wifi, 3G communication 1, HINET intelligent gateway wired way of networking to PLC remote control 2、HINET intelligent gateway wireless WIFI networking for remote control of PLC 3、HINET intelligent gateway 3G mode networking for remote control of PLC II. System management structure Members can manage the PLCs and devices assigned by the super administrator by logging in with their username and password through the Hinode client 1、A company account can create multiple network groups 2, a network group can be created multiple administrators (after-sales staff) 3, an administrator can manage multiple HiNet intelligent gateways 4、A HiNet intelligent gateway can be connected to multiple PLCs and touchscreens
    ABB PLC Remote Programming Gateway

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